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A new breed of instant traffic generation...

We are an audience development network and quality traffic source for pop culture, humor, and entertainment sites. Our expertise: driving exposure and attracting long-term users by leveraging our network of 25 million Facebook fans capable of driving over 1.5 million clicks per day.

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Our Differentiators

One-stop-shop for high quality traffic

Our traffic is from premium traffic geos (US, UK, Canada, Australia), and its authenticity is ensured by fraud detection and prevention.

Fair, transparent, market-driven prices

Our CPC rates are set, safe, and guaranteed. We only work with the highest quality content partners in order to enable our lower rates.

Fees based on client numbers – not ours

Clients use Google Analytics to track their traffic, and base payments off of those mutually-trusted numbers, which eliminates any discrepancies in reporting.

You provide the links,
we do the rest

LOLSpots use an automated, proprietary system that’s easy to use, and requires no set-up by our clients. They simply provide links, and we do the rest.

Diverse publishers = Targeted campaigns

Our organically-built community of publishers represents a broad range of age groups, interests, ethnicities, and geographies, which allows us to target campaigns to those who will be most engaged.

Unmatched experience

Formerly a large publisher, driving traffic exclusively to our own sites, we see solutions from both sides, and can consult to improve your links, content, and results. Leveraging six years of experience with the Facebook platform, we are well-versed in their ranking system.

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